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Our main purpose is to give you products and services that improve your business and generate more sales.  We don’t just do websites / photo / video / events etc – We get you more customers period!

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As a business oursevles we know and fully understand that every euro you spend needs to have a return on investment and our talents make this possible by combining all that you need to create the best and most noticable product / service

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Best Practices

Sometimes you can try something and it works but not as well as something else, with SEO, PPC and other promotions we look at what brings the best return for your unique business and push hard on that

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Social Media​​

A coordinated approach gives your business a professional look, your message on all platforms will be clear


The hidden but very important part of your website - SEO help you get noticed and should be kept updated frequently


This can be a effective way of marketing your business and getting to your real customers. Done correctly this can show you who is your real customer


There is no point racing off if you don't know where you are going! This is one our main consulting points with our clients

Web Design​

Your online shop front - this is where you set the tone for your business the same way "Real" shops do - a clean and functional design works in most cases with excellent photography / video

Content Marketing​

Put your best to show online - this is a great way to attract customers by offering and showing what you do and giving value before.

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It depends on your needs – video however is the fastest growing medium to get your message across hitting around 80 percent of all internet traffic

Not necessarily, social media takes time and if your target audience is not on one or more of the platfroms this owuld be a waste of resources


Good content is essential to show your customers that you care about results – it also helps with SEO which is based on key words and groups of words that are searched.  The better the content the more organic the results

Yes – one of the fastest ways to get results is video and social media campaigns combined.  The more often these are done the quicker the results – we always combine this with the organic results that generate longer term improvements too

Print is still here and this is where branding comes in – some business still need print to show to their clients or demonstrate their products.

Just get started and learn along the way – this still needs planning, so start making notes looking at what others have done that you like and choose where you want to go – we will happily hold your hand along the way

Yes – Full service is now so important for truly exceptional results – we often compare it will buying a car with or without wheels – the engine may start but you will not get vvery far – so a video campaign without anyone to see it would not be good!

The feedback from our customers is fantastic – they tell us the images / videos and marketing help has helped them greatly increase the quaility of their product with many of their customers giving great feedback to them.

We strive to make our clients happy

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